If you become incapacitated or pass away…

Give yourself and your family
the protection they deserve.

New View Estate Planning can help you create a plan that reflects your deepest values and desires, a plan that helps you:
Protect Yourself

Have unshakeable confidence in who will make decisions for you in a health crisis.
Protect Your People
Set in stone the people you trust most to take care of your loved ones.
Protect Your Stuff

Give what you’ve worked hard for to who you want, when and how you want.
Keep It All Out of Court
Take control so the law doesn’t take it for you.
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Here's what clients are saying:
  • Nathan P.
    Every time my wife and I would go on vacation, I would say, "Oh no, I still haven't updated our will!", and she would get mad at me for freaking her out just as we were boarding the plane.  This went on for several years of having children and finally we made the jump to get professional assistance and it was so much easier than anticipated.  We can now enjoy our vacations (and our everyday life) knowing our family is in good hands.
    Nathan P.
  • Natalie Z.
    Now that our plan is in place, we have security, knowing a plan is in place for our kids. That gives us confidence that our wishes for them won’t be interfered with by courts or other family members who we know don’t share our values.
    Natalie Z.
  • Michael B
    My mom didn’t have a plan in place, and so we were forced to probate her estate. This meant dealing with the courts and with family fights, without a clear picture of what to do. It took years to resolve, which brought huge financial, relational, emotional, and even physical costs. Knowing we’ve avoided that process for our kids has brought us incredible relief. — Michael B.
    Michael B
Here's Where to Begin:

The crucial information you need to avoid the most common estate planning pitfalls

We know one of the main challenges in learning about creating your plan is that information is spread out, hard to understand, or filled with misconceptions. In the hundreds of conversations we’ve had, a few common myths rise to the surface. Our free guide will bust these myths and help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls.