Clarity, certainty,
and security for
your family's future.

Custom estate plans to help you protect and provide future generations.

If you become incapacitated or pass away…

Who will take care of your needs?

Who will take care of your kids?

Who will protect your assets?

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Tulsa Estate Planning Attorney

Give yourself and your family the protection they deserve.

A Tulsa estate planning attorney, will help you create a plan that reflects your deepest values and desires. A plan that helps you protect yourself, your loved ones and your property.

Protect yourself

Have unshakeable confidence in who will make decisions for you in a health crisis.

Protect your people

Set in stone the people you trust most to take care of your loved ones.

Protect your stuff

Give what you’ve worked hard for to who you want, when and how you want.

Keep it all out of court

Save yourself the trouble, and take control of your estate so the law doesn’t take it for you.

Here's Where to Begin

We'll help you
every step of the way


Book a free discovery call.

Our Tulsa Estate Planning Attorney Tim Powell, will get to know your specific situation and help you define your goals so we can design your plan.


Design your plan with us.

We’ll help you find the clear way forward: how your plan should work, who you trust most to be involved, and how best to accomplish your goals.


Face the future with confidence.

Sign the documents that put what’s most important to you on paper. Get help making sure your assets work with your plan, now and in the future.

Tulsa Estate Planning Attorney

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