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Most people are anxious about leaving their loved ones vulnerable if something happens to them. We help our clients create custom estate plans that let them be protectors and providers—even if they can’t be there to do it themselves—so they can live their lives knowing the future of the people they care about is clear, certain, and secure.

New View Estate Planning is a Tulsa-based business founded by estate planning attorney Tim Powell. We’ve helped hundreds of Oklahoma families move from uncertainty and worry to relief and confidence by providing carefully-crafted estate plans. Whether you’re worried about incapacity, death, taxes, or tense family situations, we can help. We love helping our clients painlessly create a roadmap for themselves and their families.

Join the hundreds of clients we’ve helped to cut through the confusion and anxiety by making a plan that fits them uniquely, and that they understand. Seeing the relief on their faces that “it’s done!” is something we live for.

And we can do that for you.

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About Tim Powell

Tulsa Estate Planning Attorney

Tim is a third-generation Tulsan who has lived in Tulsa his whole life, other than when he attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman. There, he majored in Guitar Performance, because believe it or not, people can actually do that.

As one does with a guitar degree, Tim began a career waiting tables, eventually working his way up to manager at one of Tulsa’s best restaurants. It was then he met his soon-to-be wife Erin, and realized the restaurant lifestyle was not easy to mix with family life. He then went to law school at the University of Tulsa mainly because he was excited about the prospect of getting paid to argue with people.

Tim started his legal career in litigation, but realized that ultimately, fighting with other attorneys wasn’t what he loved. In estate planning, he gets to get up every day, excited about helping people plan for the future, protect the assets they’ve worked hard to accumulate, provide structure for their kids, and have some peace of mind about the inevitable hard situations that life will bring to all of us, all while doing it in a way that reflects what they value most.

He and Erin have two daughters, Gracie and Molly. They are really, really cute.

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