Parking for Meetings at 36 Degrees North 


City of Tulsa Street Parking:

There may be parking right next to the entrance. You can pay at a kiosk, or set up an account and use their app, which covers all downtown public parking. This is really convenient for any time you park downtown! It costs $1 per hour and you can add more time from through the app (even inside at 36 or from a restaurant).

Download the app on Apple App Store or Google Play.

Privately-Owned Parking Lot

There is also a parking lot run by American Parking (who also does almost all private lot parking downtown). Depending on the lot, you usually have to pay for an entire day, which is about $3. Their app is also handy to have if you come downtown and want to make parking easier. Lot 2119. 

Download on Apple's App Store or on Google Play