The Basics

Essential planning for incapacity, avoiding probate, and having a plan for your kids if something happens to you. Every adult needs at least some of these! They can include:

  • Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Finances
    • Name who can manage your finances and make your healthcare decisions if you’re unable to do that for yourself.
  • HIPAA Authorization
    • Ensure the people you want to be able to talk to your doctors will be able to do that. Once you turn 18, the ability of even your closest family to talk to doctors becomes extremely limited!
  • Advance Directives
    • For Healthcare (covering end-of-life decisions like life support and organ donation).
    • For Mental Health Treatment (can help avoid a guardianship in a temporary mental health crisis).
  • Nomination of Temporary Guardian for Minor Children
    • Avoid government custody and/or foster care for your children if you’re temporarily unable to take care of them due to serious illness, an accident, or similar crisis. 
  • Guardianship Nominations for Minor Children
    • Names guardians to take care of your children if you have passed away or are incapacitated for the long-term.

Comprehensive planning for just about everyone:

  • Revocable Trust-based plan
    • Trusts are the most powerful estate planning tools available. They provide comprehensive solutions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your stuff, in either incapacity or death.
    • A trust plan will include the tools listed in the “Essential” plan, as well as many other important ones, including a Personal Property Memorandum and a Will.

Specific Needs

  • Special Needs Planning
    • Estate planning for children with physical disabilities, mental impairments, emotional challenges, or other special needs.
    • We can help you leave your assets to your child in a way that preserves public benefits like Medicaid or SSI, while also promoting their independence and enriching their lives.
  • Crisis Medicaid Planning
    • If a loved one is suddenly needing long-term care, or you need assistance caring for them in your home or helping pay for a nursing home, we can help them qualify for helpful benefits without you having to lose everything just to pay for their care.
  • Advance Medicaid or Veteran’s Benefit Planning
    • Some government benefits that help pay for medical expenses and long- term nursing home care won’t help you until you’ve spent huge amounts of your own money If you take action ahead of time, you can protect your hard-earned assets while also getting financial help to pay for medical costs.
    • We can help through irrevocable trust planning that protects your savings and your home from long term care costs while still being able to qualify for these benefits.
  • Asset protection
    • Sometimes our clients are anxious about lawsuits because they work in a high-liability profession (like a doctor or lawyer), or because they’re a landlord or real estate developer. They may also be worried about divorce, or bankruptcy if their business fails.
    • We help our clients form entities like Limited Liability Companies, or use other strategies like Domestic Asset Protection Trusts to protect their assets from outside threats.

Help with Courts

  • Probate
    • If a loved one didn’t have a plan in place, or only left a will, we can help you through the process to get the court order allowing you to take care of their estate according to their wishes.
  • Guardianship
    • If a loved one has become incapacitated, we can help you get appointed as their Guardian either to make healthcare decisions, or manage their finances, or both.